31 Mar |  Bishop Mike’s Diocesan Synod address

Start with what the Church believes and allow that to fashion how the Church behaves…

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24 Feb |  Bishop’s Letter: 10,000 voices – Here I am, send me…

Sitting in a cafe a few days ago with my daughter, Naomi we found ourselves sitting next to a man who was clearly on his own and very likely my sort of age. After a bit of banter about the …

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07 Feb |  Bishop’s Letter; Turning the Battleground back to a Playground

The scale of our commitment to education is itself distinctive and not widely appreciated…

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10 Jan |  Reaching a significant point

After a last dose of chemotherapy on Louise’s birthday (11 December) I technically completed my fourth and final Course on Christmas Day.  Very appropriate.  No more anti-sickness, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-cramp, anti-reflux pills, steroids or laxatives.  No more rattling!  I did …

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09 Jan |  No whiskers for Movember

It is a long time since the last update on my health challenge, and not because I have been too ill to write nor had little to share or reflect on.  The truth is that I have had lots of balls …

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06 Jan |  Everyone a witness

Bishop Mike explores what it means to live out our common calling as witnesses to the life of Christ – and what might be stopping us.

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12 Dec |  An idea for children at Christmas

I received by email an idea from a lady called Carol Teasdale which I thought was worthy of ‘putting out there.’ She suggests that over the Christmas season (until January 6th) children should be asked, in line with the Biblical …

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12 Nov |  Happy Who-mas?

When people believe that Christmas starts with Christ, the world gets better

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10 Nov |  Grief & Loss: Post Script

This article is an addendum to Bishop Lee’s letter on grief and loss found here → In the EHS Daily Office there were a number of reflections that stood out and to which I found myself frequently returning.  However, there …

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07 Nov |  Bishop’s Letter; Enlarge your soul through grief and loss

Bishop Lee shares how some telling questions have been enlarging his horizons and his soul. He ends by leaving us with one of his own.

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