27 Mar |  What’s the big deal? It’s only Diocesan Synod…

Look, this is really important and it is critical we get really good people, lay and ordained to offer themselves for election to the Diocesan Synod.

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27 Mar |  A Church for this generation

The Church of England faces great challenges; Bishop Mike considers the realities we must address to fulfil our calling as a Church for the nation.

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28 Feb |  Bishop Mike Hill’s Address to Synod, Feb 2015

How does the Church of England re-engage with a culture that is increasingly secular and post Christian?

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28 Jan |  Bishop’s Letter: Addressing the deficit

How has your understanding of the gospel changed? What do you believe the gospel to be and how has your grasp of it deepened or widened over the years?

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06 Jan |  A tribute to Carol Stone

Carol was both loved and valued by her ordained colleagues, but equally was loved by the people she served within and beyond the Church

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05 Jan |  The challenge of being humble

Practising humility is difficult and takes perseverance. Yet it leads to a society in which truth is more easily told and heard…

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19 Dec |  A quiet but historic day

The announcement earlier this week of the appointment of Rev’d Libby Lane as Bishop of Stockport is wonderful news

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06 Dec |  Church for here and now: Bishop Mike’s Synod address

I wanted to reflect on an issue that is increasingly occupying my mind as we think about the Church and the various changes…

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26 Nov |  Buckets in the rain?

It was very recently reported that cathedral congregations are on the up and that mid-week services have doubled in a decade. The conclusion is that they must be doing something right – and they are! There’s a strange mismatch in …

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11 Nov |  Edward Colston, slavery and moral ambiguities

Let it be clear that I am against all forms of slavery, both at the time Edward Colston made his money and today. To suggest otherwise is both untrue and unkind.

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