13 Feb |  Fight of the century – Global v National?

Christianity’s global perspective and how we should respond respond to the rise of nationalism

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10 Nov |  A Kingdom where nobody should be forgotten

A reflection on the seismic events of recent elections and the realities they express

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25 Sep |  Bishop of Swindon’s address to Synod

Looking at the challenges and opportunities academisation in schools holds

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13 Sep |  We need to talk about money

The way we handle money is clearer with a foundation in Christian discipleship and a vision for God’s Kingdom at its heart

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06 Jun |  Bishop’s letter: Issues of Image

Are we trying to make God in our own image?

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24 May |  We don’t believe in ordinary

What can we learn from a marketing agency about connecting more creatively?

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26 Apr |  The Vision

Jesus came with a message and a vision for the world. The message, the Good News, is that we can all be reconnected with God.

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11 Apr |  A matter of life and death

Death will always seem scary, bewildering and confusing – it’s time to think again

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27 Mar |  The light shines in the darkness

How Easter provides a light that hate can never put out

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14 Mar |  Stuck in Never Never Land?

The rights of children needs a happier end.

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