Reactions to the Women Bishops vote

General Synod vote on Women Bishops - Diocese of Bristol
Here’s a quick roundup of the reactions and information relating to the General Synod vote:

General Synod rejects Women Bishops legislation

Bishop Mike “This week has been the most difficult…”
Bishop Mike “Many of us are still reeling…”
Bishop Lee “We are going to need to do…”
Bishop Lee “I felt this was not a time to hide my feelings…”

Revd Dr Emma Ineson “I am sorry, disappointed and ashamed…”
Revd Chris Dobson “In truth the decision had probably already…”
Ian Yemm “Well this was quite a week to be…”

Vote results:
Vote results from the Synod
Full statement from the Church of England

Join us:
Open Diocesan Synod, 1st December
Diocesan Synod tells Bishops to effect the will of the Church >>
Our General Synod representatives



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  1. A disasterous vote, compounded by two self-serving wings of the church who would rarely agree on anything else. Block voting, well prepared. Must never happen again.

  2. I am really disappointed about the descision. I feel on such an important issue all members of churches on the electoral role should have had a vote for or against so that everyone had a vote.

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